Research, research, research (The Pimple Professors)

Hey guys,

We wanted to take the time to write about about our research process. After all, this is used on your skin, which is an extremely delicate part of your body.  

Now, first and foremost, we knew when creating the product that we were set on never testing on animals - and we have been able to create an amazing product without doing so. 

So, whether you are sorting out an early stage demon on your cheek or a pulsating strawberry on your chin (sorry for the image), then you can know, for sure, that this product didn't hurt a single animal.

However, this meant we needed to choose our ingredients sensibly, as you guys are as important as our furry friends. So with this in mind - we have opted for divine simplicity and no harmful chemicals.  The liquid composition on the patches is 100% Hydrocolloid. This is most commonly used in surgical dressings to prevent any spread of bacteria - which can be fatal in some cases (Serious stuff).

After consulting with leading dermatologists - we determined that this was the best approach. No harmful chemicals, an ingredient known for its antiseptic benefits and a breathable patch to help circulation of air.  

The breathable patch... Yes, you want to cover the bad boy up, as this prevents further bacteria getting to the area but you want to ensure it can breathe and has access to oxygen. With this in mind, all our patches are 100% breathable and act as a great layer of discreet protection.  

Each decision has been made with your health in mind and to support the healing of those f**king spots (Forgive us, we've been through it all)

Claim that acnevictory,

AV Team